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UFRCA Member Cottage Histories


The Cottage History Project
March 1, 2019

The Cottage History Project was initiated by Gretchen Stringer to provide an opportunity for cottagers to tell their own stories about their families, their unique properties, and their experiences on the Upper French River. Gretchen’s set of histories, entitled Who and Where & When on the Upper French River, was compiled in loose-leaf binder format, and many cottagers have a treasured copy. It serves as a legacy for future generations to understand the history and the love for the area that we all share.

The initial digitization process for the website was spearheaded by Tim Murdoch, and the actual work was done by Matt Cormier in 2010-11. Later, when the web site was updated, full transcription was repeated by Dave and Jane Minden. Due to the personal nature of “Cottage Histories”, it was placed in the protected Members Menu of the web site. In 2019, the Members Menu was disbanded in order to have a web site accessible to all and with no requirement for members to log in. It was decided that henceforth, Cottage Histories would not be in public view but would be available on request to members as a PDF file. We have gone full circle. 


Contact the UFRCA at to request a copy.


Submission Guidelines


The UFRCA will work with the contributor to ensure that it is as accurate as possible and edited for grammar and spelling. The UFRCA is in no way responsible for any errors or omissions in the stories provided. All content is deemed to be the sole property of the cottager who provided the content. Stories or photos once submitted can be revised or removed by the cottager submitting the story or image. Changes must be requested to the UFCRA in writing. Submit stories in a Word document file. Photos must be good quality JPEG images. No offensive material will be allowed, and the UFRCA retains the right to accept or refuse any material as it sees fit. 

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