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Lifetime Achievement Award

At the Annual General Meeting in 2003, the UFRCA introduced The Upper French River Lifetime Achievement Award.  It is designed to honour outstanding individuals who have given substantially of themselves for the improvement of the Upper French River, particularly in the areas of environment, volunteerism, education, charity, health, preservation, teaching, mentoring and culture. By honoring these individuals, the UFRCA hopes to nurture future generations to be like them. The award is for cottagers and residents on the Upper French River and is  not limited to UFRCA members.  Award recipients are chosen by the UFRCA Board of Directors and are honoured at the UFRCA Annual General Meeting. The award is not necessarily given annually.

Nominations:  If you would like to nominate someone for the Upper French River Lifetime Achievement Award, please fill out the attached form or contact the Board of Directors.
UFRCA Lifetime Achievement Award Form


2003: Leonard Dokis, born in 1933, lives on the French River at Dokis with his wife Shirley. They have one daughter, Valarie, two grandchildren, Shelley and Gerry, and two great-grandchildren, Chad and Cassie. In 1971 he started Riverview Cottages Store and Marina which he and his wife Shirley still operate today. Leonard has held the positions of Chief of Dokis First Nation (2 terms) and Councillor (25 years).  He has also been a fishing and hunting guide, gravel truck and bulldozer operator, logger, game warden and fire chief. Over the years, Leonard has worked with community clubs and organizations including the Friends of the French River; Nipissing Stewardship Council, Lions Club, Rod and Gun Club, and Advisor to French River Provincial Park. Leonard has run the Migisi Fish Hatchery for the Dokis First Nation for 15 years with the help of volunteers from Dokis. Leonard has always been there for the people of the French River, ready to help if the need arises.  "Call Leonard" and he will be there whether it is to help put out a fire or to recommend someone in the area who can help with anything the area residents might need.

2004: George Hobson (on left) shown receiving his award from President David Goodwin at the AGM.
George Hobson is the product of a unique relationship with the upper French River that began in 1926 when his grandfather, Dr. William Beasley, purchased land on the south shore of the French near Hardy Bay. Aged 75 in 2004, George has been coming to the French with his family since he was 6 weeks old. His appreciation for the area and the people was influenced by his grandfather as he made "house calls" to some of the local residents. These early years instilled a great love and respect for the French River, sentiments he still possesses today. George and his wife Marna call their cabin on the French "home" from late spring until late autumn.
Posted: 9/14/2004

2018 - Peter Rooney
In recognition of his incredible record of 25 years of services as a UFRCA Board member, and of having served in every capacity, Peter Rooney was awarded the UFRCA Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.  This is only the third time that this award has been given. As a token of the UFRCA’s appreciation, a donation of $700 will be made to the Northern Cancer Research Fund in memory of Laurie Rooney.

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