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Water Testing

French River Stewardship Council Sampling


The FRSC has tested phosporous loading and water clarity (Secchi disc) in locations from Lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay.


How To Test Tap Water


Testing your cottage tap water is very easy. It is recommended that you do it in the spring and throughout the summer.The North Bay Parry Sound Health Unit will test your tap water for free.
Pick up Drinking Test bottles from their office. It is recommended that you pick up enough to last you a season (unless you drive through North Bay on a regular basis).
Unfortunately they do not mail Drinking Water Test bottles. Follow the instructions and then drop it off at the North Bay Parry Sound Health Unit or the Sudbury Health Unit. Do not bring in a sample on Fridays due to the delay in transportation on weekends,
The North Bay Parry Sound Health Unit has offices in both North Bay and Parry Sound.
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (M-F)
Parry Sound
70 Joseph Street, Unit 302
Parry Sound, ON P2A 2G5
Phone: 705-746-5801
Fax: 705-746-2711
Toll Free: 1-800-563-2808

North Bay
Main Office
681 Commercial Street
North Bay, ON P1B 4E7
Phone: 705-474-1400
Fax: 705-474-8252

Sudbury District Health Unit
1300 Paris Street
Sudbury, ON   P3E 3A3
Telephone: 705.522.9200
Fax: 705.522.5182

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