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Garbage Collection


A common misconception is that our high taxes pay for garbage removal and that it is a service we are not receiving. Residents of Sturgeon Falls, similar to many rural municipalities, are charged a separate additional fee for this service and the fee is shown on their tax bills. Our tax bills do not show any additional fee for garbage removal.

The Municipality of West Nipissing would be open for discussions about implementing a garbage pick-up service for cottagers on the French River. However, this service would not be free and all cottage properties would be charged the additional fee on their tax bills to cover the entire cost of the program.

The UFRCA has decided not to proceed on this issue because the additional charge to your tax bill would not be voluntary or selective, and every cottage property on the Upper French River would be charged the fee, regardless of whether they used it or not, and regardless of whether they were a member of the Association.

We are cognizant of the fact that the UFRCA does not represent every single cottage property on the Upper French River. It would be outside our jurisdiction to impose a program which would result in a tax increase for property owners. In addition, we are also aware that some of our members use the cottage for only a few weeks a year and may not want to pay the full cost of the program. Many are happy with the per-bag fee charged by some marinas (see below); some take their garbage to local landfill sites; and some simply take garbage back to their home municipalities without any cost.

Three alternatives:

  1. Riverview Cottages (Dokis) You can take your garbage to Riverview Cottages. There is a small fee per bag or a seasonal rate. The seasonal charge covers the cost of maintaining the Marshall Lake Dump on the Dokis Road (not part of the Reserve). While the dump is regulated by the MNR, Riverview is responsible with other local partners for maintaining the dump. The seasonal fee covers the additional labour cost of transporting and disposing of the garbage. Riverview will also collect beer bottles and cans, as well as pop cans. They will transport them to a recycling facility in North Bay. The money collected from this service has been put back into the Dokis fish hatchery program and donations have been made to the North Bay Regional Health Centre. You can also arrange for the Dokis barge to pick up large loads such as roof shingles.

  2. Starlight Marina (Sturgeon Falls) You can take your garbage to Starlight Marina. There is a small fee per bag or a seasonal charge. They will also take aluminum cans, old boat/car batteries as well as flashlight batteries.

  3.  West Nipissing Environmental Services (formerly known as LB Landfill), is located in between Sturgeon Falls and North Bay, on the north side of the highway. They can be reached at: 705-753-6039.

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