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Previous Public Meetings and Documents Discussing Browns Island 193 Rezoning

Click Here to download and view a presentation by Tim Bremner that was presented to Town Council Pertaining to the Draft Plan of Subdivision Island 193, Bertram Twp., West Nipissing

Meeting Date and Time: March 21, 2023  1:50:30 - 2:08:34


Agenda Download Here. (Agenda contains letters from Cottagers voicing their opinions.)

Youtube link :

Meeting Date and Time: JANUARY 30, 2023 AT 6:00 P.M.

Agenda Download Here(Agenda contains letters from Cottagers voicing their opinions.)

YouTube Link:


Meeting Link:


File No. ZBLA2023/01 Registered Owner(s): 2400517 Ontario Ltd.

Purpose of Application: To amend the zoning designation from SR (Shoreline Residential) to SR-18 (Shoreline Residential exception zone 18) to reduce lot area from 1.0 Ha. to 0.70 Ha.

Agent (s): Goodridge Goulet Planning & Surveying Ltd.

Address: Brown Island, Bertram Twp. Legal Description: Brown Island 193, Township of Bertram, Municipality of West Nipissing Note:

Concurrent Subdivision application: SUBD2023/01

Click here to view/download the Official Notice of Public Meeting PDF

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